Hello! I’m Louise

I am a Solution focused therapist, Life coach and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Integral Eye Movement Therapy & BWRT.

I have worked for over twelve years with clients from all over the world. Helping people to overcome anxiety, depression and many other negative emotions that are holding them back in life and affecting their day to day living.

I work with individuals and couples, helping them to move forward positively and free from negativity.

Past problems can be explored & solution focused techniques used to help you work towards achieving your goals. Freeing you from debilatating anxiety or depression and moving you forward postitively. As well as noticing change in yourself, those around you in a personal or professional capacity will notice changes too.

Over the years, I have successfully helped people to change their lives for the better. Learning the skills to get the most out of themselves. Regaining self confidence, motivation and happiness in their lives. Propelling them forward, into success, with a new found excitement towards their lives and future.

The retreat allows us to work together, to overcome everything that is holding you back from leading a happy, fulfilling life. We can achieve this in a peaceful, neutral enviroment, in the heart of the north yorkshire moors. Giving you the space and time to concentrate solely on you and your wants and needs.

I look forward to working with you & helping you achieve happiness & freedom from a busy mind.



My Expertise & Credentials


Anger management


Shame, grief & guilt

Healthy anxiety


Pain management

Relationship issues

Emotional eating


Increased motivation

Children's therapy

Childhood issues

Fears & phobias



Limited beliefs

Obsessive behaviours

Self esteem

Emotional issues

Parenting problems

Improving performance

Couples therapy

My Approach

We cannot change the past. But we CAN change the way it affects us moving forward.

As humans we naturally dwell on the past. We visit it often in our mind, we talk to ourselves about it, we regret parts of it, we beat ourselves up about it, or we remain stuck in it.

Once we have experienced something and felt a certain way about it, the way we talk to our self changes, becoming either more negative or more positive. This then impacts on our behaviours and emotions going forward.

Sometimes we bounce between the future and the past in our heads, comparing the two, and looking at ways our past may impact our future, in a very unhelpful and negative way.

With anxiety, we are constantly jumping forward, trying to control the future, which doesnt even exist. Desperately trying to gain control over all the made up ‘what ifs?’ in our heads.

With depression, we are stuck in the past, afraid to move forward, stuck feeling a certain way and feeling like it will never change.

My therapeutic approach looks at all of these common behaviours, the programmes we run that are unhelpful to us and keep us trapped in our heads, rumanating over the past or the future, overwhelming us and stopping us from living a carefree and happy life.

The techniques I teach, change these common unhelpful behaviours, focusing on a solution to move you forward positively, rather than going over old ground and dredging up old emotions, together we work towards a brighter, more positive & carefree future.


NLP Therapy is a short term goal-orientated and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving.
People use solution focused therapy for many reasons and have often explored other forms of therapy and counselling beforehand, but have found the on-going cost and stress of going over old ground can be too much both psychologically and financially. Solution focused therapy, offers dramatic positive results within the first session.

IEMT is a modern form of therapy that has had dramatic positive results for people with post traumatic stress dissorder. If you have experienced a traumatic event in your life, that you feel you can not get over or that stops you from moving forward, it can be resolved very quickly & effectively, using eye movement therapy.


“After years of counselling, I was amazed how quickly I saw massive results with NLP! sensitive and professional. Thank you”

“The NLP sessions have really helped me in making very positive changes to my life moving forward, Thanks so much”

"After years of flying in terror and getting to the point of just not going on holiday anymore, I saw Louise for one session. It took about an hour and I left feeling calm and positive! I flew two months later without a worry!"

"I had felt stuck for such a long time. I had IEMT and Im not sure how it worked but i feel like a new person, thanks"

"Ive always struggled with my weight, Louise made me get to the emotional reasons why I eat, we dealt with those and now Im looking & feeling great!"

"Highly recommended. A very quick and effective process"

"I can’t promote this enough. I suffered with PTSD for years due to CSA and Louise’s kindness and IEMT pulled me through a very dark tunnel to the light. Free to live my life as i always should have been."

"Louise really has been amazing and is extremely talented in what she does!! 5 ⭐️ "