Take the time to work on yourself, in beautiful North Yorkshire.


Thank you for visiting my website and showing an interest in a therapy retreat.

It is always a big step to reach out and decide to work on either yourself or your relationship. However, this is that pivotal moment in time where your life could take a hugely positive turn in a fabulous new direction.

My 1-1 retreats are hugely successful. The approach I offer is very personal and tailored to your individual specific needs. Firstly, we discuss what you are hoping to achieve and after breaking things down, I will tailor a retreat package to meet your outcomes.

The retreat is a fast track process, that achieves positive outcomes for you quickly. Although fairly intensive my retreats have been referred to by past visitors, as a completely life changing experience.

My private retreat will focus on your specific issues or couples needs, and you will benefit from 100% of my time being allocated to a successful solution. So much more can be achieved over a short period (a few days to a week) when compared with ‘traditional’, week-by-week counselling or therapy. Which is usually a much slower process due to the sporadic nature of the approach.

Because of this, my retreat is also cost-effective as many visitors say they have reached the outcome they intended, by the end of the retreat, which would have taken months, if not years of traditional therapy or counselling.

I use a  solution focused approach throughout the therapy sessions. Focusing on a number of different modalities. These challenge mindsets, encourage positive thinking and quieten a busy mind, aswell as eliminating negative emotions. My approach also allows for understanding in a relationship dynamic. Forging deeper connections, empathy and a new respect for each others wants and needs, while honouring your own. You can read more about my therapy styles and learn more about me HERE.

What can the retreat help me to over come?

Self worth



Low mood

Self Esteem

Over thinking







Health Anxiety



With over 12 years’ experience as a therapist, Louise has refined her programmes to target the cause of the issues and address negative thought processes, in order to remedy the problem at its core.

This retreat is not about a temporary solution, but together you will eliminate the initial triggers so that the feelings are no longer present.

Louise’s aim is for a permanent solution, rather than a lifetime of struggling.

Please take a moment to look at the testimonials below, and throughout the site, to see what other clients have to say about the results they have achieved.

See what my clients have to say


Thank you is not enough! This whole experience has been mind blowingly fabulous! I arrived feeling like i was trudging through treacle and am leaving with a new mind set and excitement for what is to come!

As a couple this was make or break, we were butting heads and it felt like we were stuck in this pattern. Louise helped us so much to see from a diiferent perspective, learning about traits and programmes that we use and that not all reactions or reponses are perosnal attacks but maybe more about the other person in thast moment. We can now agree to disagree! which is nothing short of a miracle!! There is a new found respect which feels like a solid place to grow from.

I was the most under confident anxious person in the room, hence why I chose a private retreat! I feel like I am now able to push out of my comfort zone, and I also underatnd what was behind my lack of confidence. I can now see that this is no longer true for me, I feel very free, thank you Louise!

Thank you Louise for quieting my mind!! I have learnt the best techniques and I feel able to continue on now confidently. The constant feeling of living with anxiety and fearing it rearing its ugly head again has gone! I cant believe what we achieved in just a few days. My only regret is not doing this sooner!! Thanks soooooo much!